Please read these Terms & Conditions (T&Cs) carefully as they contain important information about your rights and obligations. In these T&Cs, the term ‘’We’’ and such words as ‘’Our’’ or ‘’Us’’ refers to ABBS Ltd.

These T&Cs set out in this policy document apply to all goods purchased from ABBS Ltd and/or BigMat Malta DIY superstore located at Ta’Qali. This policy document forms part of a legally binding contract between ABBS Ltd and our customers whenever they buy goods from ABBS Ltd and/or BigMat Malta DIY superstore.

If you are planning to use our products for business purposes please make sure that you are covered by an appropriate insurance. If you decide to use the products in the course of a business, we exclude (to the fullest extent permitted by law) those warranties and conditions relating to fitness for a particular purpose. Our maximum liability to business users arising out of or in connection with the products shall be limited to the replacement value of the product in question. In relation to business users, we do not accept liability for the fitness of goods for business purposes, nor do we accept liability for loss of use of the item nor any loss over and above the cost of the item in the event of a claim for breach of warranty or condition.

No amendment of these T&Cs will be valid unless confirmed in writing on or after the date hereof by ABBS authorised representative.

All our products are delivered across Malta and Gozo (bi-weekly and on Mondays only). For purchases under Euro 50 (inclusive of VAT) a delivery charge of Euro 10 applies. For Purchases over Euro 50 (inclusive of VAT) delivery is free of charge. Delivery days are Monday to Friday between 09.00 hr and 16.00 hr (excluding public holidays). Saturday deliveries upon request. If we provide delivery times these are only by way of estimated lead times. If your order is a combination of small and large items these may come in separate deliveries.

Delivery is to the front door of a property at ground floor level and excludes any assembly and/or installation and high-up services. Furthermore you agree to ensure that there is suitable access to the chosen location of delivery and all the necessary permits are obtained in advance.

If delivery cannot be made from your chosen location due to the nature of the premises, because there is insufficient access or for any other reason that is not within our reasonable control, including your absence at the time of delivery, you agree to pay our additional re-delivery surcharge fee.

We do not offer free delivery for items exceeding 30 KG or more than .5 CBM or anything we consider as bulky items. However, we may deliver in some exceptional cases. Please contact us to know if you are eligible for free delivery before placing the order.

We are also offering pick-up service directly by our customers from BigMat Malta DIY superstore Monday to Saturday during normal business hours (excluding public holidays).

When items are delivered, a delivery note must be signed by our customer/s and the I.D. number of the recipient will be requested.

Full payment of outstanding amounts due must be made upon delivery. Risk and title (ownership) of product/s transfer only upon delivery and payment in full. No set-off or deduction is permitted. No part-payment is permitted.

Failure to take delivery of product/s for no valid reason may be subject to an administrative fee. We may terminate any agreement between us in case of non-payment. You agree to indemnify us in respect of any loss, cost or expense incurred as a result, directly or indirectly, of your instructions or lack of instructions or through any failure or delay whatsoever in taking delivery or through any other act, neglect or default on your part.

All items must be checked upon delivery and any shortages, scratches, breakages, dents and/or damages must be notified immediately to the delivery person at the time of delivery. If for any reason customer refuse to check goods upon delivery, customer hereby agrees to assume full responsibility for any shortages, scratches, breakages, dents and/or other damages.

Products may vary from the ones seen on display and/or product catalogue due to circumstances that are entirely outside our control, hence we cannot be held responsible for such variances. Furthermore products may not always be in stock and if our staff gives you an indication of availability, this must be only an estimation and we cannot be held responsible in case of delays.

Furthermore goods that are indicated and sold as shop display items and/or shop-soiled items must be inspected by our customers at the point of purchase and accepted as ‘’Tale Quale’’. No further claims are accepted by us beyond your acceptance to buy the product/s in question as seen and inspected in our shop.

We reserve the right to charge our clients storage fees in case we advise you that your product/s are available for delivery and/or collection and you fail to take reasonable and timely action within 30 calendar days from notification. Storage fees are charged at 5 percent of the total order value (VAT included), subject to a minimum storage fee of Euro 30 excluding VAT.

Deposits paid on products shall be forfeited in our favour in case client/s do not come forward to claim their product/s despite notices (verbal and written) from our end after a period of six (6) consecutive calendar months.

Once the goods have been delivered you can only return them if they were mis-described or are not of satisfactory quality or reasonably fit for the purpose and we cannot remedy the fault to your reasonable satisfaction. Furthermore goods that are ordered to our customers’ specifications cannot be cancelled or returned once the order has been accepted by us. Such goods can only be returned for the same reasons as highlighted above and goods cannot be returned if you have started to assemble them.

Returned and unused goods may be returned up to 14 calendar days from date of purchase and must always be accompanied by the original sales receipt/invoice and must be in their original packing and they must be in a re-saleable condition. Furthermore the customer agree to take reasonable good care of the goods from the time that they are delivered to you until the time that such goods are returned to us.

We accept cash, cheques, bank transfers, One for All Vouchers, Visa, MasterCard and all local bank credit/debit cards at our in-store POS. Only cash and cheques are accepted upon delivery of goods.

Collection of Goods from customers’ premises:

Collection of goods will only take place from the delivery address to which they were delivered and subject to the following conditions:

You agree to ensure that there is suitable access to the chosen collection location.

If our representative reasonably considers that collection from the location of your choice is likely to cause damage to the goods, your property or third party property, they will inform you and record this concern on the collection document. You may instruct our representative to collect the goods in spite of such concern but we will not be liable for any damage caused to your property or to the goods as a consequence of us attempting collection on your instructions (provided that reasonable care is taken in collecting the goods)

You agree to give our representative all goods which are being returned, including all component parts of such goods (if any) and all related items or accessories (including original packaging) which are included in the price of the goods being returned.

A collection document must be signed by you to confirm that the collection has taken place. The collection document will be provided by the representative who comes to collect your goods. If you are not personally available to undertake any of your obligations under this paragraph you may appoint a representative to do so in your place.

The representative must be an adult capable of supervising collection on your behalf, and you agree that we will be entitled to rely on the representative’s instructions as if they were your own.

We will charge a fee for the cost of sending a representative to collect your goods. In most cases the costs involved in collecting your goods are the same as the initial cost of delivering them; therefore usually the collection fee will be the same as the delivery fee. You agree that we may set-off the collection fee against any sums being refunded to you.

If you are returning your goods because they are faulty or incorrect, no collection fee will be charged.

This T&C document does not take away any statutory rights you may have. For more information visit: