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Creative tile Luxor white

✔ Wall decoration: The decorative wall panels give your walls more charm ✔ Three-dimensional: The 3D surface with a realistic print conveys an authentic impression ✔ For the hallway, bedroom, study, kitchen or living room. Not for use behind stoves or in connection with open fire ✔ Ultra -lightweight EPS foam bricks ✔ Quick & easy installation ✔ Can help with sound and heat insulation ✔ No special tools required ✔ The tile can be adapted to your individual wishes. Use solvent-free dispersion paint for this.Environmentally friendly product features:✔ Non-toxic, VOC-free, tested for harmful substances ✔ Class: A+ ✔ 100% recyclable ✔ CFC -freeThe Decosa wall facing Luxor is a user-friendly and easy way to beautify your walls. Thanks to the easy handling, you can effortlessly create modern, trendy three-dimensional walls in your own home in just a few minutes.Assembly instructions:1. Apply polystyrene adhesive to the back of the wall panels and press to the desired location (joint to joint). The position can also be marked here with a pencil first. The substrate should be dry, firm, smooth, clean and stable.2. Immediately remove any adhesive residue with a sponge. Open joints can be closed with filler or glue.3. After a drying time of approx. 48 hours, the wall panels can be processed further.
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